Website progress

I am so excited about my website progress. I finally found a website developer that was able to link my etsy store with my site!!!!

Check it out now if I add something to my store it automatically updates on my website

Check it out at:

Crochet 4 My Butterfly

My butterfly is my granddaughter!

Positive or Negative challenge

I read a lot of blogs, email, Facebook posts and a lot of other things that are published. I was always told while I grew up that if you have nothing good to say don’t. I can’t honestly say that has been the advice I have always followed, but I truly do wish nothing but positive and wonderful things for my followers on twitter, FB and this blog ALWAYS!!!!

We have so many things that bombard us daily that are not positive lets get a revolution started!!! Will you join me in trying to focus on positive comments and behaviors?

Have an amazing day, weekend, and life!!!

Website under construction!

I am so excited!!!!

I have my website under construction! Wendy from
Has taken on this project for me!

Check it out at

Have a super night all!

Great news!!!

So I have received news that a pattern of mine will be published on a very prominent yarn website! I can’t reveal the details yet but I am so excited. They took some high quality pics with a professional. I will update as soon as I can!

The Secret

Have you ever read this book? I am in constant amazement how true it is.

It’s all about putting your thoughts in a positive frame and sending these thoughts into your daily thought process. I would highly recommend it!

I have just finished my year end accounting and found that my overall sales doubled over the last years. That was my goal. I will do that again this year! My hobby will one day be a huge success!

You can follow the secret @ @TheSecret____ on twitter

50 followers….OH MY Goodness

I am truly thrilled I have 50 people who are now following my blog. I am so very excited, I hope it’s jumping out of this blog at you!

I started this blog as I wanted to learn from experienced bloggers and other fiber nuts like me regardless of their preference for knitting or crochet.

Thanks I am so sincerely honored that you are following my blog posts!

Happy Trails!

Hobby or business?

From other posts you can see my hobby of crocheting. I have turned it into a small side business. I was wondering if others have done the same? Crochet4mybutterfly online etsy store

I can also be found on at this Facebook

I would love to hear about your crafts!

What the hect

I am in a bit of a slump and I am not to sure why. It could be my latest addiction to the real housewives of Orange County or perhaps it’s the nice weather that is causing this temporary diversion away from my crocheting.

I did make some dishcloths for our new neighbor that moved in a couple if weeks ago so that is a good sign.

I can honestly say I truly love to be in project mode with the latest crochet project. Just need to find that one that will spark my passion. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Happy Trails