Giving the gift of music to kids!

Giving the gift of music to kids!

Big night tonight in Cow Town for the Barry Penny Foundations. Check out our website at:

Our hope is to bring music and instruments to kids who may not be able to afford them.
Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!

My dream

I have a dream that is becoming real everyday!

My dream is that one day we will move up to our property (although we still need to build our house and garage) to leave the fast pace of the city life.
Quite simply my dream is to have a successful crochet and knit design business where I hand make my creations and publish my patterns.

So as I work each day on my creations I think that i am literally so lucky to have this creative ability or skill. I believe in the power of positive thought and I know my dream will one day be my reality! Already in the last year my little business has grown in more ways that I could have ever imagined. I have had custom requests since the beginning of September last year. I am so lucky to be having this success and having the opportunity to make things using my creativity!

I love my little business and all of my customers that keep coming back for more!!!!

Have a fabulous Sunday all!!!!!