Bags of Love

I have recently joined a group of ladies that truly do inspire me. The groups original name was “Bags of Love”. They crochet and knit items that are for those small little ones that must be apprehended from their unsafe or unhealthy living arrangements. Many time as the children are taken to be put into a foster home they have nothing of their own.

So the bags of love group of ladies make baby blanket, toys, hats, scarves so those with nothing soon have something they can call their own.

Isn’t it a super rewarding thing to be using your crafting talents for the good of others!!!

Happy Wednesday all!!!!


Daylight Savings Time is messing with my Crochet Time

Just this past weekend we had to change our clocks to 1 hour ahead of time because of daylight savings time. I honestly thought to myself this morning on the way into work that I want to live in Arizona were the time change does not occur (I heard this on the radio).

As I drove to the office this morning I had to keep opening my window (to get some fresh air to wake me up) and then closing it because it was getting to cold in the truck and then turning on the heat which made me tired all over again…. so I do apologize if I was a concern to any other drivers I often wonder how I make it to work some days…… Zombie status for me this morning.

When the time changes it messes with everyone I talk to and my crochet time becomes limited because I am heading to bed earlier so that I am not so tired the next day….. I know whine, whine…. lol

I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change better than me and I hope that you are finding oodles of time to crochet or knit…..

Happy Trails!