Hobby or business?

From other posts you can see my hobby of crocheting. I have turned it into a small side business. I was wondering if others have done the same? Crochet4mybutterfly online etsy store

I can also be found on at this Facebook

I would love to hear about your crafts!


12 thoughts on “Hobby or business?

  1. The best advice I have found on the internet from those who have a sizeable crochet business, if you think of it as a hobby and more people hear about it and you display your work, whether by blogging or online store, you will see it grow into a decent business without realizing it. I will tell you this, register your business name, get a business license and tax payer ID (if applicable) just to cover yourself. Make sure you keep receipts as well.

    In the end, you should have fun doing what you do!

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