Short attention span?

As I have mentioned in other posts I LOVE to crochet. I like being able to start something and have a completed project in a few days or less. Knitting always takes me longer (probably because my skill in it is less).

I wonder is that what the difference is between staunch knitters and crocheters? Are knitters inherently more patient folk and crocheters more impatient?

I would live to hear your thoughts. I do love both but always gravitate to the crochet projects first.

Happy Trails all!



8 thoughts on “Short attention span?

  1. I’ve tried knitting before when I was in my 20s and I didn’t get it at all. I like to quilt as well but I don’t have the space for it and my two kids vet into my stuff. I started crocheting in February and fell in love. It’s easy, all I need is the yarn and the hook and I can tuck it away if the kids get to rambunctious. Plus, if you’re determined enough, you can crochet clothing items and accessories in a flash!

  2. I too tend to like projects I can finish quickly and I would say I am not a very patient person. Crochet for me is much faster than knitting. I learned both as a child but crochet was more appealing because I think you can more easily do different things with it.

  3. For me, I think crochet work grows quickly than knitting, and even if you missed anything is easy to correct it than knitting.. just a hook and yarn (i’ve seen people using metal to crochet jewelery).. the possibility is endless.. and I love crochet… not sure about the patient part.. heehee

  4. Don’t know how patient I am, I just happen to love knitting – I also have been knitting since I was around 6 or 7 years old so it’s pretty much an automatic skill for me – I often do something else like read, talk to someone, or watch out for highway exits (when I’m riding in the car) while I’m knitting so it’s not until I look back over my notes that I really see how much or little time I’ve spent on a project. : ) My heroes are the contract knitters of the 19th century: I’ve read accounts of some of them being able to finish an adult size sweater in a week or less. : )

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