Memories of Pencils and an Elastic

Like many others I started my crafting adventure by watching my grandmother knit a sweater.

I am not sure why this memory is so vivid for me but one day while having a sleepover at my grandma’s house at a young age I went to the drawer that had notions such as pencils and elastics. I took out 2 pencils and an elastic and promptly sat beside my grandmother trying to mimic her actions as she knit. Thankfully she asked the question that I so obviously could not articulate at that time which was “do you want to learn”?

That is when I think it all started for me. I started knitting scarves and attempted many. After many scarf attempts my Aunt showed me Crochet several years later. It just seemed to fit and I took to it like a honey does to a bee.

I still dabble in knitting and thankfully my skill has increased a bit, but have to honestly say that my first passion is crochet.

Thanks for reading happy trails all!!!



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