Getting excited!!!

So tomorrow is a big day! My very first crochet pattern will be published in the online magazine called Inspired Crochet. There are 14 other designers that will share in this publication with me. I hope you will check it out as it will be a very exciting day for me. I have several other patterns I am working on that will be soon available on my Etsy Store as well!

Stay tuned!!!


Crazy day…

Has anyone heard of the crazy shells stitch pattern? I used it for this isn’t it pretty?


Handmade revolution?

With our fast pace world and so many ways to share and work with the use of computers I wonder if handmade things are more treasured these days? I know that I like all the electronic gadgets phones, tablets, and so many more its too long of a list to keep going.

But when I receive something that someone has made or its handmade I truly appreciate it with a different sense of pleasure and awe.

What is your thoughts?

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Contest to Win a free copy of Inspired Crochet Magazine

I am so excited as one of my patterns will be featured in the online crochet magazine called Inspired Crochet! See this cover on the attached photo,

I have been authorized by the magazine to offer 1 free copy to a winner.


So the way to enter this contest is to comment on this post or on my Facebook and tell us what your favorite crochet stitch is.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday May 1st.

Happy trails!!!

Crafting is so expanded with the Internet

Isn’t it a wonder what we learn about crochet and knitting on the Internet? To name just a few there are you tube videos, blogging posts, Facebook pages, online classes, videos, mags and so many other things….

One of my favorite shows is knit and crochet today. Looks like some great changes are coming up with the show as its now part of Annie’s. knit and crochet

I look forward to seeing more of this show and learning new techniques!

Happy Trails!!!!

Cheers to my fellow bloggers!

So I started this blog about a month ago and my original intent was to update it a couple of times a week. I am really enjoying reading about other crafters posts and projects. I think often that I won’t think of anything to write about but I seem to be fortunate to have a lot to talk about with my crafting adventures.

Cheers to my followers and potential followers I truly enjoy each and every post and truly feel inspired but your projects and ideas!

Happy trails everyone!!!!my etsy store

Short attention span?

As I have mentioned in other posts I LOVE to crochet. I like being able to start something and have a completed project in a few days or less. Knitting always takes me longer (probably because my skill in it is less).

I wonder is that what the difference is between staunch knitters and crocheters? Are knitters inherently more patient folk and crocheters more impatient?

I would live to hear your thoughts. I do love both but always gravitate to the crochet projects first.

Happy Trails all!