Crochet, Knitting, and Yarn

I started this blog as a way to chat about the crafts I love. I think its funny because when I have a few minutes to just reflect the first thing that I reach for is my project or a new yarn. My absolute favorite thing to do is to treat myself to a trip to the local yarn store.

My original goal of starting up an Etsy store was to sell some of my creations as I had developed a bit of an EBay habit of buying yarn. The amount of yarn I have in my craft room is crazy! Check it out is yours as bad as mine!

Happy holiday weekend to all!



6 thoughts on “Crochet, Knitting, and Yarn

  1. The most important thing i do for myself is crochet for others…family or those in need and hoping to get involved in an online exchange group . One where friends enjoy each others friendships while reaching out to help others.I love to browse the yarn shop for patterns that might interest/inspire me or the feel of a soft yarn (sturdy of course ) I love wash and dry as that meets most needs for the folks I crochet for.I love to Crochet.

    • Hi thank you so much for your comment you have a great motivator which is helping out others. I do a similar thing with “the bags if love” a post awhile back.

      Keep up the great work I am sure your efforts are truly appreciated!


  2. At least your stash is nicely organized! : ) I haven’t gotten past labeled bags stuffed in a huge plastic bin. At least it’s fun rediscovering what I’ve got in there every time I pry the lid off.

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