Some yarns just don’t!

Have you ever had a skein of yarn that you have fallen in love with but just won’t become something! I take a great deal of pride in my projects and it can be so very frustrating when you have a beauty yarn that just doesn’t want to be anything but a ball.

Perhaps it’s just the timing and whatever creative passion hasn’t turned up.

As I rip it out again I will put it in my shelf and wait for the right project to appear.

Happy trails!

The picture is of a gorgeous blue heron metallic yarn in a peacock colors. This scarf I tried making is a simple mesh design which is just not cutting it!

Thanks for reading have a fabulous day!


2 thoughts on “Some yarns just don’t!

  1. Yes! I found some of the most gorgeous rainbow yarn with the intention of turning it into something very much like the scarf in your photo. But no. It looked horrid. In the end it became a hat and a stuffed hippopotamus and looks great, but it was a struggle. Then, silly me goes and buys the same yarn again last week because it is irresistible! *facepalm*

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