Some yarns just don’t!

Have you ever had a skein of yarn that you have fallen in love with but just won’t become something! I take a great deal of pride in my projects and it can be so very frustrating when you have a beauty yarn that just doesn’t want to be anything but a ball.

Perhaps it’s just the timing and whatever creative passion hasn’t turned up.

As I rip it out again I will put it in my shelf and wait for the right project to appear.

Happy trails!

The picture is of a gorgeous blue heron metallic yarn in a peacock colors. This scarf I tried making is a simple mesh design which is just not cutting it!

Thanks for reading have a fabulous day!

What about Crochet?

I have often wondered about the division between crochet and knitting. Whenever I look for patterns directly from yarn producers I am often shocked at the limited amount of crochet patterns compared to knit patterns. Some like lionbrand do a great job and don’t just cater to knitting. Others I have found to have mostly knitting patterns. As I don’t want to speak negatively of any business I am not going to mention names but I must admit this does make me think twice about purchasing yarn from them. Am I alone in this? I doubt it but wanted to ask the question. I really appreciate your responses.

Happy Trails!

Corinne crochet4mybutterfly

Welcome to my Etsy Store

Welcome to my passion. My Etsy store I truly love to crochet and knit too, I take a great pride in creating (sometimes designing) items from my creativity in crochet.

I am always up for a challenge and love to do custom orders, it you have seen something you like please send me a convo and we can discuss it further.

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