What is your Favourite Crochet Magazine?

I have several subscriptions to the different crochet magazines and I thought I would ask everyone what is your favourite magazine. I can think of Defining Crochet, Interweave Crochet, Quick and Easy Crochet, but I know I get more then that but what is your favourite?

6 thoughts on “What is your Favourite Crochet Magazine?

  1. for me, I love Simply Crochet (a UK magazine) and also Marche( a crochet magazine from Japan). =) Me too, I like to see what kind of magazines other people are reading. Thanks you. Cheers

    • Good point, I love amazon as well and but a ton of books as well.

      My favorite designers are Kristin ohmdalh (sp?) for regular crochet and Cheryl (not sure of last name) for Tunisian crochet.

      What are your favorites?

      • oooo tough one! I like to find 60/70’s patterns in charity shops, I really like any Japanese crochet books and lacy crochet, and also sweedish and german patterns are great too. I havent tried Tunisian crochet yet, but I can feel a spot coming on! x

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