Baby Adventures with Craft Supplies…. Oh what a mess! LOL

Being a Grandparent is truly a blessing and a gift.

My usual daily activity is to set about working on my latest crochet or knit project after the regular work day is over. My little butterfly (aka granddaughter) is a constant diversion. Last night she decided that taking each and every crochet hook I own (Did I mention I own a lot?) out of my storage container. She was very proud of the collection, me not so much as I saw them on the side table beside my favorite chair all splayed over it. lol!

Then the very last bit of the lemon lime bamboo silk yarn that I had wound into a ball became a great toy as she rolled and threw it around getting all tangled and wound around her feet.

I count my blessings every day and enjoy the many wonders of being a grandparent!

Happy Trails!