The count down is on!

Well I have 4 more days and then I get a few off. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my granddaughter. She came to live with us back in dec of 2011 as my daughter 16 at the time wasn’t able to care for her. She will be 2 this may and oh my I can’t believe the words and comments coming out of her. She brings both my husband and I a ton of joy and laughter.

One of her favorite night time activities is to get her toothbrush & paste that is for kids. A week ago I asked if she wanted more as she had finished (mocked) brushing her teeth and she was holding her brush out to me. So she now asks for “more” nightly and after the 2nd squirt I said no you can only have 2 and I held up 2 fingers. She decided to hold up 2 fingers and shake her head and then tells me no more only 2. Omg I did giggle!!!

She is truly my inspiration and joy for my little crochet and knit business she already likes crochet hooks so I hope to pass onto to her my love to crochet and knit!

Happy trails everyone only 4 more work days this week!etsy store

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