Calling Canadian Crochet Designers

I am thinking of publishing a monthly newsletter featuring crochet designers from Canada. The intent of this newsletter would be to publish designs by and for Canadians for free. Would there be any interested parties to join me in this venture?

Please let me know

Happy Trails


Crochet, Knitting, and Yarn

I started this blog as a way to chat about the crafts I love. I think its funny because when I have a few minutes to just reflect the first thing that I reach for is my project or a new yarn. My absolute favorite thing to do is to treat myself to a trip to the local yarn store.

My original goal of starting up an Etsy store was to sell some of my creations as I had developed a bit of an EBay habit of buying yarn. The amount of yarn I have in my craft room is crazy! Check it out is yours as bad as mine!

Happy holiday weekend to all!


Exciting News

I am very excited! I have been in contact with a yarn company and will be working with them to publish my patterns using their yarns. Also I have secured placement for 3 other patterns in an online magazine over the next several months. I will share once the patterns are published!

I am so very excited its a wonderfully positive step towards my long term dream of building my little business.

Have a wonderful positive happy day!!!!

Some yarns just don’t!

Have you ever had a skein of yarn that you have fallen in love with but just won’t become something! I take a great deal of pride in my projects and it can be so very frustrating when you have a beauty yarn that just doesn’t want to be anything but a ball.

Perhaps it’s just the timing and whatever creative passion hasn’t turned up.

As I rip it out again I will put it in my shelf and wait for the right project to appear.

Happy trails!

The picture is of a gorgeous blue heron metallic yarn in a peacock colors. This scarf I tried making is a simple mesh design which is just not cutting it!

Thanks for reading have a fabulous day!

What about Crochet?

I have often wondered about the division between crochet and knitting. Whenever I look for patterns directly from yarn producers I am often shocked at the limited amount of crochet patterns compared to knit patterns. Some like lionbrand do a great job and don’t just cater to knitting. Others I have found to have mostly knitting patterns. As I don’t want to speak negatively of any business I am not going to mention names but I must admit this does make me think twice about purchasing yarn from them. Am I alone in this? I doubt it but wanted to ask the question. I really appreciate your responses.

Happy Trails!

Corinne crochet4mybutterfly

Welcome to my Etsy Store

Welcome to my passion. My Etsy store I truly love to crochet and knit too, I take a great pride in creating (sometimes designing) items from my creativity in crochet.

I am always up for a challenge and love to do custom orders, it you have seen something you like please send me a convo and we can discuss it further.

You can also find me on facebook:



Who is your favorite crochet designer?

My last post about crochet magazines was super! One of the responses made me think of who my favorite designers were. I am sure I am not alone in saying that Kristin is my favorite. I have several others as well but would really like to hear about your favorites.

Have a super day all!